mSpy will ensure the highest quality of your cell phone monitoring. This mobile phone spy software will let you know about all the data and multimedia files stored on the tracked phone along with text messages, call logs, internet browsing history, download history, GPS location, chatting history using Skype, WhatsApp, Viber or other messengers! mSpy  will work silently on the tracked phone and you can spy on mobile phone without the ear to be detected.

Need to track someone’s cell phone

You may face with the strong need to track someone else and monitor their mobile phones. Want to whether your kids are safe and no threats reach them on the Web or through calls and text messages? Are not sure about the honesty of your employees and want to track their corporate cell phones to protect confidential information? Or just want to track your girlfriend’s mobile to find out the truth about your relationships? How to spy mobile phone? Do you need monitoring internet browsing history feature? Spy phone app will help you to receive the answers to all these questions.

How to install mobile spy software

To have the app installed and spy on mobile phone, follow these steps:

  • go to mSpy website and buy the subscription you want;
  • install the app on the mobile phone you want to track – you need to have the physical access to mobile device for a 5-10 minutes;
  • start spy on the targeted cell phone and check the control panel.

mSpy login

How to use cell phone spy software

So, how to spy mobile phone? mSpy offers wide range of features that allow to track all the activities happening on iOS, Android and Blackberry phones. See the list of the most used ones:

Tracking calls – This spy phone app tracks all the incoming & outgoing calls with call duration, time and date. Depending on your needs you can record any call and find out whether your children are safe or your husband is cheating. mSpy can block incoming calls too. Also you can record surroundings when the phone is off using internal microphone of the phone via mSpy control panel.

Monitoring text messages & emails – To ensure effective cell phone monitoring, mSpy will let you read all the incoming & outgoing text messages and emails (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and other emails) of the tracked phone including time and date.

Tracking multimedia content – You will get 100% access over the tracked cell phone via mSpy. You can view all the stored images, videos of the tracked phone. This cell phone spy software will give you the power to delete the unwanted multimedia contents as well as any unwanted stored app from the tracked phone.

Monitoring internet browsing history – mSpy will let you see the internet browsing history with real time and date. You can block any website via this mobile phone spy software.

Get chatting history – mSpy will provide you the access to chatting history with time & date using Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and other messengers. This mobile spy software will give you the power to view the event calendar and address book of the tracked phone.

Track GPS location – If you want to locate the physical location of the tracked cell phone then use mSpy GPS location feature. You will get the exact physical location of the tracked phone including real time, date and duration. Besides you will able to get the route map of the tracked phone too.

Remote control – If the phone is lost or stolen with classified information then you can wipe the phone remotely. In this case you will not get the stored data again! You can also lock the phone using mSpy mobile spy app.

Cell Phone Spy Software Benefits


mSpy is a top-notch mobile tracking software and it provides both wide range of  features and truly high quality of monitoring service like monitoring internet browsing history ans SMS tracking. So, tale a look at the advantages of this mobile phone spy:

  • you can choose the subscription package that works best for you. mSpy offers three options which differ by their functions sets: Basic, Premium and Business;
  • you have 10 days to get a full refund in case the app doesn’t work properly and your situation is aligned with mSpy refund policy;
  • you have a free access to day-and-night support team that will help with solving any problem or misunderstanding related to the spy app installation, purchase, functioning and de-activation;
  •  this spy phone app is totally undetectable – well, you need to meet your federal and local laws while tracking mobile devices. Still, if you target cell phone is your property and you suspect serious issue (cheating partner or business data leakage or your teen being cyberbullied) this invisibility is a huge plus;
  • you can be sure that mSpy is not a scam – this cell phone spy software has more than billion users and is a serious company that cares about its reputation.

To get the most use out of mobile spy software use, remember to check mobile phone compatibility with the app and jailbreak iPhone if you want to spy on such mobile device. Good news: mSpy has announced the release of spy app with no need of jailbreak in the nearest future! So, check the updates.

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